TIGP Mrs. India wins International Crown and Title of Spirit of World Universal 2024 in USA

In a moment that has etched itself into the annals of the history of pageantry, Dr. Florence Helen Nalini, TIGP Mrs India has ascended to the pinnacle of grace and…

By Team Desk 5 Min Read
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Shwetha Patil from Davangere Crowned Mrs. National Fashion Icon of India 2024 at YIFW

Early Life and Education Shwetha Patil, born in Davangere, discovered her passion…

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Actress Meghana Raj Awards Shwetha Parthiban as Sandalwood’s Top Celebrity Makeup Artist

Shwetha Parthiban is a dynamic and diversified professional with a unique blend…

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Queeniefied Presents Mrs India CO ’24: A Spectacular Celebration of Beauty, Grace, and Empowerment

Queeniefied proudly hosted the grand finale of Mrs India CO '24 on…

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Fawelle Beach Fashion Week Hits The Shores With Spectacular Glamour

The sun, the sand, and the stylish strides marked the inaugural Fawelle…

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Priyanka Mishra: A Rising Star in the Fashion Influencer Sphere

Introduction: In the dynamic world of social media, fashion influencers play a…

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BrandVerse: Fashion’s New Frontier – Where Style Meets Savings!

BrandVerse Founders - Pratul Jain, Harin Joshi, Chinmaye Jain (Left to Right)…

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“YS International Fashion Week: The Best Modeling Agency in India, Creating Platforms All Over India

"YS International Fashion Week: The Best Modeling Agency in India, Creating Platforms…

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Archana Shines in Tradition: Kareem Studio’s Beautiful Photoshoot

In the busy city of Hyderabad, Kareem Studio Pvt Ltd held a…

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Bhopal Couture Runway Triumphs in Inaugural Edition, Setting the Stage for Fashion Excellence

Mumbai: Bhopal Couture Runway inaugural edition was held on February 9th at…

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